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Spurgeon writes of our church neighbourhood, Wandsworth Common

Here are some references from two editions of The Sword and Trowel that speak of the district around our church, Trinity Road Chapel:

Here a chapel, accommodating 240, has been erected and paid for through the efforts of our two sons, C. and T. Spurgeon. This is purely a mission chapel, in the midst of a neighbourhood greatly needing the gospel, but far from eager to hear it. It is a light in a dark place. We rejoice that our son Charles is now a student in the College.
Sadly, that description still applies!

Chiefly through the consecrated energies of two brethren, members of the Tabernacle, a room was opened here some few years ago. A very pretty little chapel has since been built, towards which we subscribed £250; the people have given up to the full of their means in order to secure a place to meet in where they might have a hope of gathering a congregation. Mr. Tredray, of our College, was for some months the preacher: at present the little church is seeking a pastor.
Spurgeon, C. H. The Sword and Trowel: 1878 (94–95).
Another entry:

June 6.—Although we are quite forbidden to take any services beyond our home work, we felt able to go down and lay the foundation stone of a school-chapel near our own house in Nottingham Road, Upper Tooting. Here a little band of true-hearted believers have formed a church, and given generously to build a place wherein to worship. We had great pleasure in helping them, and as they will need about £400 more, we shall be glad if others will help them too. Any sums sent to us will be duly appropriated. Baptist friends in London ought to know that these good people have not gone round to them, or received a penny from the Association, but have helped themselves as God has enabled them. We hope that there are at least a few who will admire this effort of a very slender band and send them aid without being waited upon. Such giving would be of the very best kind. Note that this is not our sons’ chapel. It is near it, but in quite another district, with a common between. Friends can help both, or either, and we shall be equally glad. Partiality might have made us wish to see our sons raise their amount first, but in the Lord’s work we know no such feeling.
We find that we have given offence by saying that there was no Baptist Church in Tooting. We really thought so, but we are informed that there is a small one, and therefore we heartily apologize to our brethren for appearing to ignore them; for whatever their views, or however obscure the site of their chapel, we would not wilfully overlook any member of the family. We have been through the little town scores of times, but have never seen the building: may our friends increase and multiply, and come to the front. We ought to have a large and influential church in Tooting, where there are many Baptists who remain unattached, or travel for miles to worship, showing that they do not feel that they are provided for. A movement is on foot for a church of the same faith and order as that at the Tabernacle, and there is plenty of room.
Spurgeon, C. H. The Sword and Trowel: 1877 (115–116).
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