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Oldest sin in the book: Blaming God for sin.

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned and then pointed the blame for their actions on the Lord (“The woman you gave me!”), mankind has accused God of being the author of sin.  Herman Bavinck, in his chapter “Origin of Sin from vol 3 of Reformed Dogmatics explains:

If philosophy announces in so may words “God is to blame for everything: humans are blameless,” then in practice libertinism and pessimism are not far behind.

This is the libertinism that considers sin an illusion, and this illusion, as the only sin, erases all boundaries between good and evil, falsifies or, with Nietzsche, trans-values all moral concepts, and, under the rallying cry of the emancipation of the flesh, glorifies bestiality as geniality.

This is the pessimism that, blind to sin, has eyes only for suffering, projects the blame for all that suffering upon the irrational act of an absolute will, and seeks deliverance from suffering in the destruction of the existing world.  Judging by the outcome, so-called independent philosophy is also guided by the native tendency of all humans to justify themselves and to charge God with injustice.”

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  1. Andy Stevenson
    March 16, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Ah, the old, “God made me this way, so it must not be sin” fallacy.

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